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creative writing for teens

ATC’s Creative Writing Camp for Teens is the perfect opportunity to have fun with writing and pick up some great tips along the way!

The aim of these courses is to help young writers improve their creative writing skills through innovative activities with an experienced English teacher. 
Teens joining ATC’s Creative Writing Camp will be inspired to embrace their passion, whether as a hobby or to impress in future exams.

Budding writers will have the opportunity to work on engaging and compelling plot devices, realistic characterisation, convincing dialogue and learn how to write endings that really work!

Average group size: 10
Age Range: 12 to 17 yrs
Start Dates:

February Mid-Term 2022

Creative Writing for Teens - ATC Language Schools

What you get


Engaging activities that will encourage creativity and tips and tricks on how to write a great story with a twist


The opportunity to write, proofread and format their own short story


Guidance and feedback from experienced teachers


The opportunity to improve range of vocabulary and sentence structure


The option to print their finished book!

Who is it for?

ATC’s Creative Writing Camp is ideal for teens with a big imagination, who want to have fun with writing, express their creativity or even pick up some great tips to ace their academic exams.

Creative Writing for Teens - ATC Language Schools Ireland

Student Reviews

He loved the course. A big thank you to the teacher! My son has a very colourful imagination and loves to draw comics and write stories.

I’ve been suggesting for years that he writes his stories down so he can read them in years to come…so maybe this will encourage him to do that.

Sam, parent

My nine-year-old is your average girl, she has a big imagination and talks all the time so, this course was a perfect outlet for her. I did not send her to write a masterpiece or to make millions but to have some fun. She enjoyed every second of it! Her little seed of an idea blossomed into a great story with adventure, great descriptions, and dialogue.

Keira, parent

further details about this camp

This camp covers everything budding writers need to become competent, confident writers! Each day the teacher will focus on a new aspect of fiction writing, while also focusing on the basics such as sentence structure, varied vocabulary and effective punctuation.
Teens will learn how to write a well-paced, engaging plot with twists and turns along the way. They will understand how to develop believable characters that have depth and backstory and how to create a vivid setting for their story. They will improve their descriptive writing throughout the week as every module allows for writing practice with feedback from our experienced teacher.



The teaching approach focuses on group and pair work, collaborative writing, individual writing and reflection along with the use of images, drama, music and movies to help students find inspiration for their stories.

Teens will learn how to proofread and self-edit their work as well as learning how to type and format their stories electronically. The budding writers are encouraged to find or illustrate images that will enhance their stories. They will improve their digital literacy skills by using online software to create and e-book. 

The Creative Writing modules are as follows:

  1. Great Characters – developing a character with depth that your readers can believe in
  2. Narrative and Descriptive Writing – learning how to write a well-paced story with a twist to surprise your readers
  3. Creating Worlds – understanding how to create immersive, visual settings for stories
  4. Editing and Proofreading – checking your work and improving sentence structure and vocabulary
  5. Formatting your E-Book – learning how to create a beautiful e-book and adding illustrations, borders and colour. Students will present their finished work on the last day.


Classes Monday to Friday
Lesson 1 09:30 to 11:00
Break 11:00 to 11:30
Lesson 2 11:30 to 13:00



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