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Why this camp…?

ATC’s Filmmaking & Scriptwriting camp is perfect for anyone who is a lover of cinema and movies!

Students will explore the history of film, different movie genres and common themes and techniques used by some of their favourite directors and screenwriters. Our experienced instructors will help students write and develop engaging characters and original storylines. Students will also learn screenwriting techniques, how to structure a screenplay, use of lighting and colour, and how to integrate various camera angles into their short films. They will be encouraged to develop their own style of directing and they will put their planning and organisational skills to the test.
Finally, they will put all their new skills into practice to write a screenplay and make their short film using just their smartphones.

Average group size: 9
Age Range: 12 to 17 yrs
Start Dates:

February Mid Term 2022

Filmmaking and Scriptwriting for Teens Bray

What you get


Insights into filmmaking techniques, popular film genres and the film making styles of their favourite directors. The opportunity to analyse and learn from the work of great directors.


Editing tips to create seamless scenes that convey the theme and mood of their screenplay.


Plan and make a movie from start to finish. Including writing, storyboarding, filming and editing the final product.


An ATC certificate with academic report.


The opportunity to put theory into practice and make a short film to show family and friends.

Who is it for?

ATC’s Filmmaking & Scriptwriting course is ideal for any teens with a big imagination. Whether your teen is eager to develop their story into a film or would like to be the next big director, ATC’s instructors can help guide them with the right steps to write, storyboard, edit and produce their movie, and to feel really proud of their finished product!

Filmmaking and Scriptwriting for Teens Bray Ireland

Student Reviews

Thank you, ATC! My daughter Anna loved taking part in the course and it has solidified her love of film and in carving out a future career in the industry. She learned so much over the week of the course!

Laura, Anna’s mum

My daughter’s experience has been very positive; she has learnt to use an application with which she created her own film. She had great fun while doing it, developing her creativity, and motivation.

Ana, Belen’s mum

Filmmaking & Scriptwriting 

The Film Making and Screenwriting camp is designed to encourage hands-on, discovery learning in a fun and active environment. This tasks and final project in this camp encourages students to not only harness their creativity, but to hone their planning and problem solving still too. 

Our instructors provide input regarding writing and planning techniques, camera angles, film history and directors’ techniques. Students have the opportunity to do their own research, discuss their findings and plan their film. They then put all their new knowledge into practice through writing their own screenplay, storyboarding their film and finally shooting and editing it. Students are encouraged to collaborate, problem solve and learn through doing in order to complete their final project. At the end of the camp, they have the opportunity to reflect on their achievements and how they might approach the project differently if they were to do it again.



Modules covered the Film Making and Screenwriting camp include:

  • Developing character and plot
  • Structuring and writing a screenplay
  • Planning and storyboarding your film
  • Mise en Scéne and directors’ techniques
  • Camera Angles, shooting techniques and production logistics

The skills students will focus on and develop during the camp include:

  • Collaboration and group work
  • Problem solving and negotiating
  • Generating creative ideas
  • Creative writing including plot and character development
  • Planning ahead and foreseeing potential issues
  • Managing their actors
  • Critical thinking and self-reflection

Our experienced and qualified instructors ensure there is a good balance between teacher input, discovery learning and hand-on project work. There is a strong focus on planning, writing, problem solving and collaboration and our instructors are committed to providing clear guidance and support to students of all abilities.


Classes Monday to Friday
Lesson 1 09:30 to 11:00
Break 11:00 to 11:30
Lesson 2 11:30 to 13:00



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