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ATC’s Preparatory Certificate in English Language Teaching (ELT) is a short course preparing Irish state-qualified teachers and trainee teachers to teach international students on short English language programmes in Ireland, over the summer months.

This course will help teachers develop their own knowledge of the English language system and gain an insight into the theories of language learning and language teaching.
The course will look at a framework for understanding the different levels of language skills and competencies of learners.
It will explore methodologies and techniques for teaching English as a foreign language to secondary level students at different levels, and will help teachers create and source fun and engaging materials for use in the classroom.
The programme also prepares teachers who may have to teach part or all of their course online.

Dublin 2
Face to Face Course Dates :

Monday to Friday inclusive

8th to 12th July 2024

Online Course Options
Online Course Dates :

Monday 27th May (3 weeks)
Monday 24th June (2 weeks)

Maximum group size: 15


Preparatory Certificate in ELT - ATC

What is included…


20 hours of training - face to face or online


Course materials included


Live lesson observation of an ATC teacher


End of course certificate


Potential for additional teaching opportunities

Who is it for?

This course is specifically for state-qualified teachers (Irish State) and for those in their final year of teacher training college. The course is open to Primary and Post Primary teachers and successful participants will be qualified to teach English to teenagers in Ireland.

For further details please see below and the pdf brochure, or contact our Academic Director, Nadine Early, on


Teacher Training Course - Preparatory Certificate in ELT

Student Reviews

The ATC Preparatory Certificate in ELT was the best possible start to my new career as an English teacher. I knew that ATC is one of the best language schools in Ireland and having the opportunity to learn from their best teachers was very important when I registered. I would recommend the course to every English teacher.

Michael, Brazil

Course details

The Preparatory Certificate in ELT (English Language Teaching) course has been designed to meet the specific needs of teachers dealing with multinational groups of students who have been streamed at different levels of English. The students are in Ireland for a short period of time so the communicative element is paramount. There is a great focus on task-based teaching and learning, a student-centred methodology that puts communicative language use at its core. Focussing on real-world tasks, students are encouraged to use language to engage with the world around them. Teachers will learn how to plan and deliver engaging task-based lessons to motivate their students, and help them reach their communicative goals through English.

The course also aims to help teachers who do not have a background in language teaching to further develop their own understanding of the English language system (grammar, vocabulary and phonology). Teachers will be introduced to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a framework which describes what language learners have to learn, and what knowledge and skills they have to develop, in order to communicate effectively.

Teachers will receive input on the types of grammatical structures and vocabulary that students will need to understand at each level, and will be given lots of techniques and activities for helping their students focus on and practise this language.

Teachers will also learn about the most common difficulties which speakers of other languages have with English pronunciation, and will be given ideas for engaging students in fun activities to improve their spoken English.

For those teachers interested in working with ATC over the summer, we provide a module on ‘Teaching Teens with ATC’. This module introduces you to key staff members of our summer academic team, who will answer any questions you might have about working with us over the summer months.

Towards the end of the course, teachers will be given the opportunity to sit in and observe a lesson delivered by an ATC teacher to international students.

Course Modules:

  • An Introduction to Communicative Language Teaching
  • Describing Language Levels
  • Developing Language Awareness: English Grammar
  • Developing Language Awareness: English Vocabulary
  • Developing Students’ Speaking Skills
  • Developing Students’ Reading and Listening Skills
  • Lesson Planning for the Communicative Classroom
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Teaching Teens with ATC
  • Observation of Practising ATC Teachers


ATC Teacher Training and Development

ATC Online Preparatory Certificate in ELT - May 2024 (pdf)


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