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About Individual Tuition

At ATC Language Schools we understand that you sometimes want to focus on a specific topic and we are happy to arrange a tailor made programme for you with private tuition, face to face in Bray or in Dublin, or online.

One to one tuition is ideal if a student is limited on time or would like to focus on a particular area of English language.

Students can choose 1 or 2 hours per day or per week as their sole learning experience with ATC, or in addition to a group course for some extra assistance to reach their learning targets.

Level of English:

A1 to C1 (Elementary to Advanced)

One-to-one or two-to-one
Bespoke programme for you
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Private Tuition at ATC English language  Schools

What you get


Structured course objectives


Bespoke course


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Who is it for?

If you have limited amount of time to travel; if you would like to focus on a specific area or if your learning style benefits from individual tuition, we can arrange a bespoke learning plan for you.

Students of any age and English level can choose to study on a one to one basis, we can also offer two to one tuition for siblings or friends of a similar level of English.

Private Tuition

Student Reviews

The experience with ATC was excellent. I recommend studying English with ATC for both, the ability of their teachers to involve and motivate students with a method of active learning.

Mirko, Italy

ATC is an excellent and valid school if English that allowed me to improved my language skills a lot. I also had the wonderful opportunity to join a private afternoon class with a teacher for personal doubt or specific lessons to prepare language certification.

Sofia, Italy

Course content

When students choose a course of private tuition with ATC Language Schools they will focus on the area of their choice but also develop their overall level of English, grow in confidence in communicating in English and learn to use English in their daily lives, outside of the classroom.

All students will take an online placement test before they begin their English lessons. The level test will cover the students’ understanding of grammar and vocabulary. ATC academic staff will also arrange a speaking and listening assessment you begin your lessons, together these will confirm your level, enabling the academic team to provide lesson material at the correct level.

They will also discuss learning objectives and any area of the English language that you would like to focus on in particular.

The programme for private tuition will be different for each student, depending on the students’ learning objectives. Teachers will use material from a variety of media sources to supplement and support the lessons.

Students will focus on their chosen areas during their private tuition sessions. This can be focused on all skills areas, or on the particular area of focus for the individual.


During each session, students will have the opportunity to discuss and plan their next session with the teacher allowing for classes that are tailored to the needs of the individual student. Together, the teacher and student will create a learning plan to best meet the individual needs. This plan can include assessment if required, however, the student will receive ongoing feedback throughout the private session.

Teachers at ATC Language Schools use the communicative approach, taking a learner-centred approach with a strong emphasis on communicative tasks. Students use meaningful and authentic language to promote learning in a motivating and engaging setting. Students work on a variety of interactive and collaborative pair and group activities to meet daily learning outcomes.  In our Task Based Learning lessons, students will use the target language to communicate with their classmates and carry out a task to achieve a specific outcome. Students develop their language skills through their usage of English where the emphasis is on achieving a goal while building confidence and increasing motivation as they work collaboratively with their peers.

All teachers with ATC Language Schools are degree qualified and all hold an internationally accredited English language teaching certificate.



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