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Why General english…

Students joining ATC’s General English language course will learn English in an international class with students from around the world. The course is designed to focus on communication and improve the students’ understanding of the four key skills of English language focusing on communication; listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as developing grammar and vocabulary skills. Students can begin each Monday through the year on a continuous enrolment system.
All levels of English from Elementary to Advanced are offered throughout the year. Students can choose to study for a minimum of 1 week.
ATC’s General English course syllabus is 20 hours per week, with full 60 minute lessons. By the end of the course students will see an overall improvement in their level of English and improved confidence in their language ability.

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Bray and Dublin
20 Hours per Week
Maximum Class Size: 15
Average class size – 10-12
Minimum Age:
ATC Bray     – 16*
ATC Dublin – 17*
Start Dates: Every Monday
Level of English:
A1 to C1 (Elementary to Advanced)
ATC Language Schools - Learn English in Ireland

What you get


International classes


Accredited General English language course


Structured course objectives


Regular progress tests


Online e-learning platform


Access to free classes and tutorials

Who is it for?

Students of all levels of English can join our General English language course.

The minimum age in ATC Bray is 16 and in ATC Dublin it is 17, students of all ages are welcome in our international and dynamic classes.
*Please note that from September to May inclusive there is a maximum of 4 weeks stay for students aged 16 and 17 years old.

ATC Language Schools - English 20 Hour Course

Student Reviews

I am very proud to finish my English course at ATC. To me, when I got here without English, it seemed impossible. I would never have imagined it and I am very happy to have done after one year.
Thiago, Brazil

I recommend ATC school to students because they teach well, for example, myself, I started with very little English and I ended up on an Advanced level.
Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

General English Language Course

When students choose General English with ATC Language Schools they will develop their overall level of English, grow in confidence in communicating in English and learn to use English in their daily lives, outside of the classroom.

All students will take an online placement test before they begin their course. The level test will cover the students’ understanding of grammar and vocabulary. ATC academic staff will also arrange a speaking and listening assessment before arrival, together these will confirm the students’ level, enabling the academic team to place the student at the correct level.

Students will also be invited to join an academic induction where a member of the ATC academic team will provide an overview of the programme, timetable and contact details for each department.

The General English language course syllabus for each level is designed over 13 weeks, working alongside a course book which each student will have. Teachers will also use additional material from a variety of media sources to supplement and support the lessons.

Students will focus on grammar and vocabulary, listening and speaking, reading and writing in both lessons, ensuring a spread of skills and language points across both lessons.

Each week, teachers provide an overview of the syllabus to students which includes that week’s learning outcomes.  Students will take a weekly test and every second week the teacher will carry out a speaking or writing assessment including individualised verbal and written feedback to highlight student’s areas for further development.

Teachers at ATC Language Schools use the communicative approach, taking a learner-centred approach with a strong emphasis on communicative tasks.  Students use meaningful and authentic language to promote learning in a motivating and engaging setting.  Students work on a variety of interactive and collaborative pair and group activities to meet daily learning outcomes.

In our Task Based Learning lessons, students will use the target language to communicate with their classmates and carry out a task to achieve a specific outcome.  Students develop their language skills through their usage of English where the emphasis is on achieving a goal while building confidence and increasing motivation as they work collaboratively with their peers.

All students choosing ATC’s General English course of 20 hours per week have the option of additional lessons in the afternoons, and free teacher tutorials.

All teachers with ATC Language Schools are degree qualified and all hold an internationally accredited English language teaching certificate.



Classes Monday to Friday
Lesson 1 09:00 to 11:00
Break 11:00 to 11:30
Lesson 2 11:30 to 13:30

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